Saturday, November 8, 2008

Two weeks old: Looking in the mirror...

Hi Max!

I'm staring down at you while you are swinging side to side in your swing. It is a little eery looking at you as it is a little like looking at myself. I can see so many of my features and mannerisms in you already. You don't look exactly like me (you'll be glad for that later. :), but there are so many resemblences that it is uncanny. You have Sheri's button nose thank goodness. :)

Sheri is off to the store to get some protein-enriched formula. The doctor is a little worried about jaundice. We're going to get you some sun and get you some formula to support the natural stuff. You'll be fine, but every conversation with the doctor is scary. We're worried about EVERYTHING! Plus, you have the hiccups a lot. Could you quit that? :) It's nerve-wrecking to feel your little body shudder with every hiccup.

Lucky dog is still getting used to your presence. He had an accident in the house today and it looked territorial in nature. I went online and e-mailed a dog trainer to see what else we can do to help Lucky get used to you being in the house. We're feeding him when we feed you and we are concentrating on playing with him a lot more. He'll do it. It's just going to take some time and a lot of work from me and Sheri.

We got your first pictures (professional) scheduled for Friday, the 14th! You're going to be a model! We'll have some fun and use these for Christmas photos. We're going to need to order a bunch because we have a lot of people who want to see you.

You are starting to gain weight and you grew an inch in your first 10 days. It's good to see you starting to gain. You had lost almost a pound since you were born! I guess that's normal, but you got to be so small. Like I said, everything is on the radar, everything makes us nervous. You have the hiccups again. That has to hurt! :(

I'm going to pick you up now. Let's rock a little while. I'm not sure who enjoys it more you or me. :)

To Your Success,

Max' Dad (Michael)


Anonymous said...

Hey Mikey!!!
There is no better feeling in the world then falling asleep in an archie bunker chair with a sleeping baby snuggled on your chest. I envy your afternoons and miss those days.
Pat Hiban

homiegrammy said...

Hi, Max! I'm just checking to make sure I can comment on your special page. I love you!
Great Aunt Linda

Anonymous said...

Little Mike You are a doll baby and are very lucky to have big Mike for your dad. Won't be long and you'll be on the 'puter answering your blog, a featured speakerm at our CyberStar Summits and in the Baby Bjoran running with dad. Congratulations on your choice of parents...Miss Wynne from Michigan.