Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mickey, this is Max, Max this is Mickey...

Hi Bay-Bee!

We all made it to Orlando, home of Disney's most famous character Mickey Mouse and mama's doing fine! We're in Orlando for a business trip. Today, Tiffany (Focke, Marketing Director for The Maher Team) and I are participating in the CyberStar Summit at Stetson University. Mama will be enjoying a nice day of relaxation. Then, the rest of the week we are teaching and learning at the Star Power Annual Conference, a conference of 1000+ of the top agents (top 1/2 of 1%!) in the country and Canada. Going to be an exciting and educating experience.

Mama is starting to show now and she's going through the "oh my gosh, I'm fat" stage. She's not really fat, she's having a baby. I tell her that but she doesn't appreciate it like you may think. :) She is the cutest little pregnant woman ever. Her complexion is amazing and she does glow like the saying goes. When we sleep at night, I put my hand on her belly and I can hear you kicking and stretching making space for yourself. You've got a strong kick, I'm thinking some foot sports like soccer, field goal kicking, or swimming will be fun for you. Keep on kicking, little one!

We're worried about the dog. Lucky has a natural tendency to be territorial and has a snap-bite when he gets protective. He's bitten mama and myself with quick nips over his ball and his food. He already knows what is going on. I had my hand on mama's belly yesterday morning and you were really kicking (must have been hungry). Lucky crawled up and stuck his nose underneath my hand so that I was petting him instead of feeling you kick. I pet him for a second, then put my hand on mama's belly again. Lucky goes, "Errr (whine)" and worked his head under my hand again. Worried about "little dog."

We're starting to decorate your nursery. You're going to love it... as long as you love sports. :) It's going to be a traditional blue boy's room. We'll have lots of colorful and sports-themed decorations for you to play with whenever you want. Mama doesn't want me to bring a Nerf football or baseball to the hospital for immediately after you arrive, but I may sneak it in. :) Don't tell her. We need to get you started with the proper grip. :)

Have a great day little guy! We'll talk to you soon.

Love you.

To Your Success,

Bay-Bee's Papa (Michael)

Monday, July 7, 2008

Safety and Brett Favre in a Chiefs' uniform?...

Hi Bay-Bee!

Patrick (your cousin), Sheri, and I went to Branson this weekend to prepare our Lodge for rentals. We moved end tables, dressers, TV stands, and TVs. We bought $700 worth of decor and installed all of them. Something that was amazing in my self-analysis was my new-found awareness of safety issues. I wanted to be safe, I wanted Patrick to be safe, and I was extra cautious with Sheri. Little things like outlets, stair steps, pieces of wood sticking up a little, and the way a door opens were items that came up. All of a sudden, safety issues were everywhere! :) I was like Mr. OverCautious. Patrick, please be careful with that step. Thank you. Sheri, please make sure to have Patrick hold that ladder to put that lightbulb in. Safety, Safe, Safe. S-S-S-S, A-A-A-A, F-F-F-F, E-E-E-E, T-T-T-T, Y-Y-Y-Y, Michael was doing the Safety Dance. You'll know what I mean later. :)

I had considered a motorcycle. Out the door now. I am going to be a daddy. I need to be there for my Bay-Bee.

We bought you a surprise while we were out buying decor. I think you'll like it. It's colorful.

Looks like Brett Favre may come out of retirement. Perhaps a Chiefs' uniform is in his future. How great would that be? Favre has a joie de vive that is precious to watch. His sling from the hip, carefree way he plays football makes him everybody's favorite quarterback. It would be great to have him play for us. It makes sense for him to play for us. We have a second-year quarterback, Brodie Croyle. For Green Bay to trade him, it would have to be an AFC team. It makes sense for him to be traded because Green Bay has to see what Aaron Rodgers can do. Favre wearing the arrowhead on his helmet? I like the looks of it. How about you?

Bay-Bee, what a great time to be born! November of 2008. Great weather, great football season, nice and cool. Nice timing brother! :) Momma told me you have eyelids now. Good job. Keep growing and keep treating momma nice. She's doing great.

To Your Success,

Bay-Bee's Papa (Michael)