Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday is Son-Day October 3 2010...

Hi Max!

Boy, I have been delinquent in my posts. Something I have noticed is that the more I can talk to, interact with, and goof off with you, the less I post on here. I will set up a standard time to post. It may not be every week, but I need to post more often.

You are a routine-lover like your father: Some highlights are that you have a sandbox now so you can play in what you call "Max's Dirt". Every day, it is "Max's Dirt? Max's Dirt? Max's Dirt?" :) You love to play in the dirt and in the sandbox. Also, you are in the rhythm of "Cars". Every day, you watch Cars, the movie. You know all the characters - Lightning, Chick, Doc, King, Luigi, Guido, Sally, etc.

You are so smart! The teachers at La Petite comment all the time how you pick up on things so quickly. They have had you hanging out in the 2-year-old room for a couple of months. According to the teachers, you have been holding your own. You are now speaking in sentences your mom and I can understand and converse back to you. Still need to get you working better with a fork and start your potty training.

Today, we are hanging out. Guess what? You've watched Cars. You've played a little in "Max's Dirt". You've eaten lunch exactly the same time as you always do. You've taken your nap at exactly the same time. The schedule works. You are so happy when you are on schedule. Why don't adults time block? When everyone is on time, on pace, and expectations are known, things run so much smoother.

To Your Success,

Max's Dad (Michael)

P.S. I love you!