Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sunday = "Son"Day...

Hi Max!

We've fallen into a pleasant pattern. Sundays have become "Son"days. A full day of daddy and you playing, learning, eating, goofing, and everything in between. Today, we continued our fun:

I got up, got the paper, let Lucky out for his morning ritual =0), made some coffee, and got a cup of water. You were ready to get up soon thereafter. After changing you, we ate eggs together. That was fun. We played a little bit and read the paper together - you LOVE the car section and this week was THE AUTO SHOW so of course you got ink all over yourself (and me). I'm sure we are breaking a parenting law there, but you LOVE the cars. "Car?" Yes!

After the paper, it's JOEL! We love Joel. He was inspiring this morning talking about God's ability to accelerate our success. You sat still through the whole thing - you know how much daddy loves to watch Joel. You seem to watch him and understand as well. Do you? =0)

Dishes were next, but of course we had to play before we made it there and BAM! We knocked a picture off the table. It had glass in the frame and that broke. Why do I have glass in any frames?! So you got to watch me sweep up and throw away the glass. We did the dishes and you REALLY helped. You handed me the spoons and forks and I put them away. Not ready for you to help me with the glass, but cups and silverware were perfect. That was fun!

We played some catch with the soft football your aunt Joyce gave you. You cackled for a while, and then you were tired. Just like that! Like a switch went off, you were ready for your nap. You are napping now so I have time to post.

What a great morning as we celebrate another super Sonday! I love that Sundays have become Son-Day. Let's keep this ritual forever. Okay? =0)

To Your Success,

Max's Dad (Michael)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super Bowl Dad!...

Hi Max!

You are really growing up now.

Today, I was kissing your forehead and you started moving your head back and front so I had to kiss it multiple times - you've never done that before.

Last night, you went and got a big red ball out of your toy chest and tossed it to me - starting a game of "catch". You've never done that before.

Before you went to bed, you said "ma-ma". You've never done that before.

I get such joy in seeing your "firsts".

Another first happened this week. The New Orleans Saints, a team representing a city ravaged by Hurricane Katrina a few years ago, went into the Super Bowl as underdogs against the Indianapolis Colts and came way with a 31-17 victory. It was a fantastic game. As neither a Colts' fan or a Saints' fan, it was fun to watch it just to enjoy the game. I found myself rooting for the Saints at the end because the Saints had never won a Super Bowl before (and not too long ago were called the Ain'ts because they were so bad). When an unknown player, Tracy Porter, intercepted a pass from a legend, Peyton Manning, and returned it for a touchdown, an entire city stood up and cheered - along with millions of others who were glued to the television (it was the most watched program in the history of television). It was the type of surprise play that makes football (and all of sports) so great. Many would have bet money that Manning would lead his team down for a game-tying touchdown. Instead, we got another first. A Super Bowl Championship for a city so desperately needing good news. The Super Bowl MVP was Drew Brees, QB of the Saints who tied a record for most completions in a Super Bowl and led his team to the victory. The most poignant photo of the game was Brees sharing the victory with his son, Baylen. Baylen had his first birthday the Friday before the game and celebrates the same birthday as his dad. How cool is that? We don't share the same birthday, but you and I will share many celebrations, victories, and firsts in the coming years.

It was a week of firsts. I'm looking forward to another week of firsts next week.

To Your Success,

Max's Dad (Michael)