Monday, May 25, 2009

Why was I even worried? :)

Hi Max!

We put the helmet on you today at the appointment and I was so worried that you would cry. After all, the pictures I saw on the Interent always had the child crying. We put it on and you cracked up laughing. It was so funny. It was like you knew how nervous Sheri and I were about the helmet and you wanted to set us at ease. Too funny. 

You are so resilient and patient. 

The helmet definitely shows the deformity in your head. You have space at the front left of your head and a lot of space at the right back of your head. You measured an 18 when we started. They say under 12 mm is "normal", 12 - 20 is "Acceptable/possible helmet" and over 20 is "Helmet/potential problems". You've been everywhere from 16 to 18 over the last three measurements. We got the helmet without even thinking about it. We want to do whatever we can. 

Affordability of such a expensive item was an issue at first, but thank God for insurance. Sheri discussed it with them and convinced them that this was prescribed and should be covered. After several discussions, she made it happen. Chalk one up for Supermom. :) We got donations from Sheri's family (thanks Anna and Michele) and my family (thanks Jim and Linda). They fortunately were returned. We love that people were willing to help regardless of what they thought about our financial situation. They just wanted to help. 

My dad said that it's always better to give people the opportunity to help and that if anyone ever asks to help, say, "Yes." He said that you can always control how much or how little you use that help, but that you should always give people the chance to help. I love that. Somebody says, "Can I help you with that?" or "Want a hand with that?" You say, "Yes." You don't see that much any more. Everybody says, "No." Even when they have their hands full. We are "independent" and prideful. I'm glad my dad gave me this advice because I've made friends and probably saved dozens of accidents by accepting help. But it is a two-way street. 

My father and mother helped make me a natural-born giver as well. I give without thoughts of retribution or a motive. Give and give and give. What I have found in life is that it comes back ten-fold. You never know who or where the help or positive will come from and it isn't always tit for tat or directly from the person you helped. But is does come back. Just keep helping Max. Be helpful and your attitude of servitude will serve you well. 

You're my beautiful baby boy and I love you. 

To Your Success, 

Max's Dad (Michael)

Monday, May 18, 2009

You are such a trooper!

Hi Max!

You can say, "hi" now. :) At least I think it is "hi." I say, "Hi" and you reply, "Hi". 

I was really impressed at how you did for your helmet molding. You smiled and gurgled through the whole thing. I really feared you would cry at the mess, the tape, and the discomfort, but once again you amaze me at your positive and smiling attitude. You are one happy baby, Beebs. :)

Your family nickname is Beebs. Lucky Dog is Bubs (short for BubbaDog) and Sheri is not Bubs or Beebs, but another name close to that - but she doesn't like me calling her that name. But it goes so well with Beebs and Bubs, if you know what I mean. :) 

We get your helmet this week. I'm excited for you. At one time, I had a lot of apprehension, but after watching you handle the molding session at the hospital, I am genuinely excited to see you get the helmet and to see your head go back to round. You deserve it. You are so perfect in every way. As I have said before in this blog, I know you aren't going to be perfect, but I don't want any imperfections be because of something I or Sheri could have prevented. We're going to get you a helmet. We're going to get you braces if you need them. We will do what we can to set you up for success; however, success is up to you. 

We can wait on the "success talk." For right now, we're happy playing SuperBoy and Leap for the Skies. You're a lot of fun and we haven't even played catch yet. Your favorite toy is a toy Porsche (isn't that incredible:). It's a small white 911 that goes forward after you drag it backwards. You aren't too worried about the action, you just want to put it into your mouth. You play with that while jumping in your Johnnie Jumper. You REALLY love to jump. Jump and smile. Jump and laugh. You are sleeping as I read this, but I can just hear your giggle in my head from when you are jumping. It makes me smile. Play, play, play, my little boy. 

I'll write again after Friday's Helmet Session at the hospital. We go to a family reunion on Saturday. Can't wait for everybody to see you. They read this blog often so they know all about you. 

To Your Success, 

Max's Dad (Michael)

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend...

Hi Max!

We have a big weekend here! Today, Friday, we go to the doctor's office to have a mold created for your helmet. We're going to conquer your plagiocephaly this summer! That appointment is at 3 p.m. today. I'm a little bittersweet about that appointment. I'm bummed that you have to do it and adjust to the helmet, but I'm more enthused because your head is going to be rounded and symmetrical. I see it being like braces. It's temporary, non life-threatening, and the result is positive. It's braces for your head. :)

Also, it is Sheri's first Mother's Day! Yeah!

Going to be a great weekend!

To Your Success, 

Max's Dad (Michael)