Monday, December 14, 2009

Max's One-Year Pics...

Hi Max!

Here are a few of your photos from your one-year shoot!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

With Max, every day is a Holiday...

Hi Max!

We watch Joel Osteen every Sunday morning at 9 a.m. He is such a magnificent speaker with powerful words. I know you aren't understanding it at this point, but I do know that you know down deep inside you that your daddy likes it and feels better for watching it. You watch the screen and smile. Today, you clapped when the others clapped. You're starting to get it... and no wonder...

Today, Joel talked about speaking your blessings. There are people who need your blessing - they need to know how much you love them, like them, respect them, etc. It's more than words. I know you know I love you. You know I expect great things for you in this life and you will do great things. I see you influencing millions with your character, competence, and communication. I see you being an inspiration for others motivating them to live life better. I don't know what realm of life that will be within, that is your choice of course, but I know your life will be bigger than your own. You are going to impact the whole world. You are wonderful. Your demeanor is so positive and happy. You are so smart. I am so proud that you are my son.

On Christmas Day, you will be 14 months old. Christmas has not had the same affect on me the last two years that it did the first 38. The gifts aren't as special. It's not the gift. It's the gifting. It is WHO gave the gift and the THOUGHTFULNESS of the giver. It's not the gift. It's the giver. You are the best son a father could ever ask for and I've found that all the material things in the world don't matter. You, your love, your progress and growth, and your health are everything. This has translated to my feeling about other people. I see beyond the material to the character, the love, the importance, the soul. You have taught me much about Christmas. Max, every day is a Holiday with you. Every day is Christmas, New Years, Easter, Independence Day, etc. with you.

Max, I love you. You are special. You will achieve greatness. You are greatness. You embody excellence. You aren't interested in judgment or discrimination. You love unconditionally and are loved unconditionally. You are forever curious. You seek to understand before being understood. You are a great listener. You are Buzz Lightyear, Speedy McQueen, and Superman. You are my superhero now and forever. I know I hug you and kiss you and at times that is interrupting your play time, but just know it is because I love you.

To Your Success,

Max's Dad (Michael)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Love my boy...

Hi Max (eating a puff and throwing the Hook'em Blazers sign - gotta love it)!

Can't believe it's been over a month since I've posted. You've turned 1 and you've had your second Halloween and your second Thanksgiving. It's not that I'm busy. It's that I would rather just speak to you in person. =0).

I thank God before I go to sleep each night for 1) bringing you into my life, 2) that you are 100% healthy, and 3) that you sleep at night. =0).

It is so funny to watch you play ball with Lucky now. You are just so close to "getting it". You throw ball, Lucky gets it and rolls it back to you. You hang on to the ball a little long right now and Lucky gets impatient. Can't wait to watch you two play and play and play.

You're out of the Jimmy Jumper and the swing. No more of those two. Now, you are big on toys - truck, car, and blocks, tupperware - you have your own drawer of plastic things to play with!, and cans (Maxwell House of course! =0).

The bottom line is that I love you. I love you with all my heart and soul. Every molecule in my body loves you. You can cry, you can whine, you can tip over Lucky's water bowl, and you can get messy, and I'll still love you. We'll work on things, but I still love you. =0). You're a gift from God and a miracle (Maher-icle?).

Just wanted to say I love you and that I was thinking about you. Can't talk to you now, because you are a sleeping angel (please see #3 above). Can't wait to wake up with you in the morning.

To Your Success,

Max's Dad (Michael)