Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Conceived on a Carnival Cruise!...Happy Valentines Day!

Well, hi. You are a mere 14 weeks old, but you've caused a ruckus in your mom and my lives already. :) We are nervous, excited, hopeful, smiling like idiots, we are so glad you are coming on November 12. We tried for a while before you, a miracle baby were conceived on a cruise. Thank you Carnival! :) Perhaps that is TMI (too much information) for you, but I want you to know everything. I want to provide such a warm, receptive environment for you. I want you to feel unconditional love. You have already become a major part of my life and I am looking, so looking forward to November that you have no idea. You will become the focus for my life. In good times and bad, in high times and sad, I'll still be your dad. :) And I am not naive to think that we won't have the bad with the good and sad with the high. I love Bay-Bee. :)

Why Bay-Bee? Oh, we can't really talk names yet, we don't know if you are a boy or a girl! We have to wait another few weeks. Many of our friends are asking whether we want a boy or a girl. I answer healthy. I just want you to be healthy. Please God I'm praying for healthy. So as far as names we'll wait for a few weeks. Your first name was Peanut. We went with this because in the first ultrasound you looked like a peanut. Your mom and me are creative that way. :) Now you are Limey (sounds like Jaime) because yes, you guessed it, you are shaped like a lime. Which is interesting because lemons are more common and the same size, but they don't think parents want to hear their baby looks like a lemon. So you are Limey. Next Monday, May 12, 2008, you will be Apple. As in the apple of my eye... and you'll be shaped like an apple. You're growing rapidly.

I'm looking forward to chatting with you on our own little blog.

To Your Success,

Papa (Michael)


Unknown said...

I too am very happy that you are coming into our lives. I am your Aunt Ween.(That is my nick name.) I will be the one you call when you get into fights with your parents and want to leave, I will come over to get you and we will go have fun! :)
Your older cousin, Patrick is a really cool person and he is really excited to meet you as well. He is going to have a little sister in July so you will have a little cousin close to your age.
I am already saving money to provide you with shoes! I am the shoe person in the family, so you will not have to worry about shoes!
Little Maher, I can not wait to play with you. You continue to grow and grow strong and healthy. I will see you and give you tons of hugs and kisses in a few months!

homiegrammy said...

This is your Great Aunt Linda. That means I am your Dad's Aunt and your Grandma's Sister-in-law. I am so anxious for your coming in November! I live a couple of hours away in Cherryvale, KS, so I won't get to see you as often as I would like. With any luck, it will be more than once a year at the family reunion! I am your Great Aunt that loves hugs and affection, so get ready for that! Just remember, I will be your favorite Great Aunt, too! Ha! You are so lucky to be entering in to a very loving, caring family. It is a great family, on your Mom's side and your Dad's side. I know you don't understand all that stuff yet, but you will when you get older.
We are all so blessed to be having you join us in November. May God be with you in all your growing life. He is an awesome God and will guide you through your whole life.
Can't wait to meet you!
I love you,
Great Aunt Linda

Max's Dad said...

Two loving people with two loving posts. How fitting for you two to start the ball rolling comment-wise. Thank you and Bay-Bee thanks you too. Say thank you Bay-Bee. "fank yoo." Good job Bay-bee. :) Thank you Jolene and Aunt Linda.