Monday, May 12, 2008

Visitor Posts

Comments: I have now updated all settings so that anybody can post. Just click on Comment and say what you feel. :) Show the blog to your kids and have them post.

Subscribing: At the very bottom of the blog is a place to Subscribe. As an active blogger and busy person, I highly suggest that you do this so that you can get updates as they come rather than having check the site often.

To YOUR Success,

Bay-Bee's Papa (Michael)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the little bundle of joy and this really amazing website! It made my day. I am signing up to get the updates.

Stephanie York

Anonymous said...

Mike, Congratulations! I didn't know this news and I am happy for you and your wife. This will be the most and best new journey of your life. I never wanted kids and then when I got into my 30s changed my mind. Garrett has been the absolute best thing in my life, he is a blossom in every day. I think your website for your baby is such a great, and you have so many great ideas! I am so happy for you. Even when you have challenging times it is so awesome because you get to learn something new. I am just sitting here just so excited with chills. Yeah, Yeah and Yeah!!!!!!!!
And the heartbeat is the just the beginning, wait till the baby looks at you, waves or who knows on the ultrasound. I know Garrett waved at us, sucked his thumb, was kicking and all sorts of things. It was just amazing. It just gets better and better. One piece of advice, read books and combine them all. Make your own toolbox. There is not one book that is perfect! You're going to be the most awesome father! Love-Heidi