Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Day After the Big Announcement...

Bay-Bee, you would be so happy today. Your parents are so very happy. Dozens of well-wishers have expressed their thoughts and prayers for your health and happiness. With a support system like that you are very lucky (and so are your parents). We're lucky to have friends like Tammy, Mike, Ilsa, Brenda, Karen, Dan, Kelly, Greg, James, Dee, Katrina, Amy, John, Orly, Kristy, Sheryl, Linda, Jolene, and more. We also have a few subscribers who signed up below to get e-mail/RSS updates when I write you another note. Then, they don't have to check it all the time to see what updates are made. How cool is that?

Today's lesson is about Please and Thank you. Your grandfather, who is no longer with us, was a very wise man. His name was Pat. He had these little sayings and lessons that I always thought were nerdy, quirky, stupid, or kind of off the wall, but as I have gotten older, I have seen the wisdom in his words. I remember him telling me, "Please use the words Please and Thank You as often as you can. Thank you." What great advice! There is more to that suggestion than just words. It is putting yourself into a mannered servant's role. Bay-Bee, there is humility there. Here are some examples for you to practice:

Mom, will you please pass the baby food? Thank you.

Dad, will you please change me now? Aw, thank you.

Aunt Jolene, would you please let me pick out my own shoes now? Thank you. :)

Great-Aunt Linda, please hug me. Aw, thank you.

Reader, will you please subscribe below so that you don't have to remind yourself to check Thank you so much.

When in doubt, use Please and Thank you. Without these words, you can come across a way that you don't want to... demanding, insincere, unappreciative, or pompous. We both know that you don't want to come across as any of those. You are appreciative, generous, and humble even in your greatness. So, Bay-Bee, I repeat what my wise father said to his son, "Please use Please and Thank you. Thank you." I love you Bay-Bee. Please don't ever forget that. Thank you.

To Your Success,

Papa (Michael)


Anonymous said...

And Great Aunt Linda will be saying: "Thank you, God, for this amazing creature you have made!" Also, "You never get too old or big for a hug! Thank you very much!"

Anonymous said...

And Great Aunt Linda will be saying "Thank you, God, for this amazing creature you have made!"