Wednesday, May 21, 2008

David Cook wins American Idol...

Hi Bay-Bee!

I thought of you many times tonight. I watched David Cook win American Idol. I watched last night as he struggled through three songs while his opponent David Archuleta sang three wonderful ballads. Simon and the judges (Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul) blasted Cook and applauded Archuleta. Then America spoke. Last night, 20 million Americans voted for David Cook to send him to the win. But what really struck me was his reaction and the way he shared the win with his brother, Andrew, who is rumored to have brain cancer and his mother. He teared up and was speechless. The overwhelming emotions of victory and accomplishment flooded him... and we, as viewers, could see it. I thought of you as I could imagine myself being much the same way when you arrive. I almost tear up just thinking of that moment.

The other thing that really struck me this evening was David Cook's transparency. He was so real, so genuine... perhaps the most real moment I've seen in a dozen or so "reality" television shows. I was proud to be a neighbor of his. Being from Kansas City (Blue Springs), he had been complimented on his genuine friendliness. But of course, Kansas City is the friendliest city in the world! Nice guys do win. In this case, a nice guy won big. He was competitive and did it in a friendly manner, even pulling David Archuleta onto the front stage with him to finish out the last song. That's what I want for you Bay-Bee. Be a winner and be a good winner. Humility, genuine joy (it's GREAT to show joy), and even while being competitive, be courteous, calm, cool, and collected.

This was the first show that really made me think of myself as a father. It really made me think beyond myself to how I would feel as your father. With shows like The Apprentice, House, and Boston Legal (the only other three non-sports shows I watch), I always put myself in the shows mentally trying to figure out the best marketing method, most logical medical solution, or easiest way to re-create the balcony scene. :). With American Idol, I was in the role of David Cook's father imagining you singing your last songs and watching as a father as you (David Cook) won with 20 million votes.

Bay-Bee, you get my vote. You are my American Idol.

To Your Success,

Baby's Papa (Michael)

P.S. I find out in two weeks whether I need to paint your room pink or blue. Either way, I'm happy as long as you're healthy. Take care of your mother. She's been feeling a lot better lately.

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